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10 Heroic Tips for supporting your body through the menopause.

I work with many women and deliver seminars to businesses offering guidance and support through both peri menopause and the menopause. As a woman who has been there, seen it and got many a sweaty T shirt to prove it read on for a few ideas to help you !

In January I will be delivering a 5 week course vis zoom about this very subject. To find out more and book your place follow this link here.

1) Self care is NON Negotiable- Ensure that you take time out for sleep, - 8 hours! rest and relaxation as well as providing your body with optimal nutritional support to help maintain hormonal balance.

2) Plan for your menopause-just as you would your wedding, a house move, planning a family, a work project! The better prepared you are the more able you will manage the symptoms.

3) Support your liver as it is here that hormones are detoxified. If you can, reduce alcohol, caffeine and other stimulants and exposure to lots of

Environmental toxins. Garlic, leeks onions help with detoxification as well as the nutrients listed on the graphic.

4) Eat a diet rich in antioxidants, glutathione, omega 3 oils and magnesium rich foods.

5) Focus in optimizing your Bone density- weight baring exercise such as walking, running and jumping can maintain bone density. As well as eating foods rich in calcium & magnesium and ensuring you are exposed to some UV light for vitamin D

6) Include in your diet a variety of phytoestrogens-

Plant based Oestrogens. These can help to support hormonal balance. Foods such as soy, linseeds, ( flax) tofu, miso.

7) Weight maintenance- Yoyo dieting puts excessive stress on the body as well as impacting on blood sugar balance and metabolism as muscle mass reduces. STOP counting calories and look at food as magnificent fuel for your body. Remove the emotions surrounding food. If you do need to lose weight look at the amount of food you are eating and ask yourself the question.

Am I over eating but under nourished?

8) Minimise refined and processed carbohydrates and junk food (e.g. refined sugar, white bread, baked goods, takeaways) and over processed animal products. When we were cave women we had so much less choice and in 2021 our physiology has not changed a great deal for millions of years but the food industry keeps topping us up with all sorts of interesting ingredients!

9) Include good fats and oils in order to help reduce inflammation, maintain cognitive function and support skin health. Include avocado, fish, sesame. Avoid processed oils and low fat spreads.

10) Embrace Her- The menopause is not a disease but a life phase that we need to celebrate in the fact that if we reach it, we have been lucky enough to get here.

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