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Nutritional education in the workplace

Business workshops and seminars

Hero Lifestyle specialises in functional nutrition education, physiology and mindfulness for businesses who have the wellbeing of their staff at their heart. These workshops are fun, memorable and engaging as well as being unique to the needs of your staff.


It’s said, people are the most important and expensive asset in any business. Therefore, their wellbeing is vital to the success of your business and even more so in these difficult times.


High attrition or staff sickness can put a huge financial burden on any business. My workshops will help you support your most valuable asset. Plus, reduce the financial burden that staff sickness may put on your business.

By using my training services, your staff will feel empowered and motivated to use the knowledge and tools learnt in the workshop to use immediately to enhance their own wellbeing.


I combine the scientific principles of nutritional medicine with the Ayruvedic medicine philosophy together in an easy to understand and accessible way.

Staff I've previously supported with nutrition and wellbeing workshops, have found them great fun, relevant and most importantly the information given is accessible and useful to them not only in the work place but in daily living.

I’m sure you will see their productivity, and your business’ profitability increase.


I’m able to offer workshops covering any and all aspects of nutritional wellbeing. These workshops will be designed and delivered totally bespoke and unique to the requirements and wants of your organisation and your staff.

below are just some of the organisations I have worked with supporting staff wellbeing. 


I would love the opportunity to discuss my services with you further.


Book a 121 discovery call where we can explore how your staff and your business would benefit from working with me.





Chat with me and find out how nutrition can help you with your health problems



Elaine Clarke

So I’d like to give a huge shout out to Helen Kimber for being such an amazing encouragement and working miracles. Helen you’re an inspirational lady and so wonderfully kind that I’ve only felt positivity and self-belief that I can do this. Thank you so much


Type of Service


To give me an idea of what you would like to focus on please comment in the message box below.

 Here are some popular topics: Stress relief, Taming your sabre toothed tiger, The menopause without medicine, Controlling blood sugar, Why diets don't work, Supporting your digestion to achieve optimal health. Could last supper syndrome be the cause of your fatigue? Helping put order to disordered eating.

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