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10 Heroic tips for optimal vitality

If you want to live a long and fulfilled life you need to support the amazing machine called your human body with the fuel called food for the long haul, not just on the odd occasion when you go on a health "kick"

,In the early stages of life, if you compare 2 individuals, one who ensures they care for their body with good sleep, good nutrition, exercise and general wellbeing with another who enjoys a life of sex, drugs, rock and role, up to the age of about 30 there is little difference. After this time as you can see from the graph, vitality diminishes as we age.. The quantity of life stays the same but the quality of life rapidly diminishes. Where do you want to be on the graph?

1) Remove the emotions out of your food, Look instead at the food that you eat as fantastic fuel that will help the fantastic machine called your human body work optimally helping you to live a long and high quality life.

2) A good breakfast is a fantastic way to start the day. Try Hero Muesli with Greek yogurt and berries.

3) Keep hydrated, sip water or herbal teas through the day, and check the colour of your urine to maintain great hydration.

4) Avoid beige coloured foods- Great for interior design and neutral clothing but not very good for fuelling your amazing machine.

5) Eat a rainbow and you will get the alphabet – lots of essential vitamins and minerals to support health.

6) Include Good fats in your diet such as fish oils, avocado oils and olive oil. Avoid fat free foods as they are often laden with fillers and sweeteners.

8) Think about the Amount of food you eat, ideally should be the size of your cupped hands!!!

9) Snack on highly nutritious foods such as nuts, seeds, berries, and base your snacks around proteins rather than carbohydrate. If you can try to eat al your food in an 8- 12 hour window leaving a 12 to 16 hour break overnight to allow your pancreas to rest.

10) Try to reduce the amount of white carbohydrates that you consume- breads, cereals, pasta rice, These are great for energy but you don’t need a big bowl of spaghetti for a 3 hour marathon in front of the TV. However, if you are running marathons that’s different.!!

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