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Mastering your Menopause

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For just £55 investment you will get a one and half hour on line masterclass which visits some areas of a 360 degree approach to supporting the natural life transition called the Menopause.You will be will provided with the knowledge, understanding and tools to help support both yourself and clients you work with. Information will cover key foods, nutrients, lifestyle and exercise to help support your amazing body and mind, hormone balance, blood sugar control, liver support for detoxification, stress, hot flushes bone density and cardiovascular health. Accredited by FHT for 1.5 CPD points This seminar is a precursor to a 6 module nutrition and wellbeing course on the menopause which deep dives into the 360 degree approach. Please note Hero Lifestyle is a registered trade mark. All slides are subject to copyright and should not be copied or distributed. Please note that the course will be available to you 24 hours after initially signing up.

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