"Be your own hero"


Welcome to my web site and thank you for taking a look around. 


Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. 


My passions are Yoga, Fitness and Nutrition.

I hope to share with you the incredible benefit that practising yoga regularly for over 20 years has
given to my life, as well as eating a well-balanced diet and taking part in different fitness activities
such as walking and running in nature and cycling.


By sharing my knowledge and experience of these activities I hope that you too will be able to
embrace a healthy lifestyle that is fun and rewarding.


When I work with you I want you to smile and have fun and enjoy working with me. I hope that you
will open your heart and mind and sometimes go out of your comfort zone, I hope that you will
swallow your fears and have the courage and conviction to follow your dreams.
Rather than aspiring to be like someone else, I want you to be the person YOU want to be.
I want you to literally “Be Your Own Hero”


Om Shanti


​© 2019 by HERO YOGA created by Phoebee Designs

​© 2019 by HERO YOGA created by Phoebee Designs